"I can't wait to see you and walk all day..."

These are the words that sparked a change. They were written to me by an orphan almost 15 years ago. I had spent just a few short weeks with this particular child but he had captured my heart. In his letter he talked about wanting to spend all his time with me, just being in my presence. After reading his letter I was inspired to take my commitment to helping the orphaned and vulnerable to a new level. I decided to start my own non-profit, Walking With Orphans, where I would strive to be the constant in the lives of children who had never had a constant. Where children that had been abandoned by everyone else would find acceptance and support throughout every life stage. Where we could spend all day together, walking, talking, doing life together.


13 years later Walking With Orphans looks a little different than it did in the early years. We have grown and expanded. We offer more programs and more opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children. But we remain committed to our original calling: to be the constant in the middle of uncertainty. By partnering with us you play a valuable role in helping us live out our calling. Your financial support, prayers, material donations, and moral support help sustain us in ways that we cannot describe. We encourage you to explore this site and follow us on social media so that you can see first-hand the role that we play in Romania as well as how your support impacts everything we do.


We encourage you to join us in walking with orphans.

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